Elected Officer Descriptions


The President shall coordinate the business of the Chapter; call and preside at all Executive Board meetings; prepare business meeting agendas; serve as an ex officio member of all Committees such that this officer be well-informed of the operations of each Committee; designate representatives of AWIS Houston to other organizations or events; prepare the yearly National AWIS Chapter Activities report; oversee submission of the AWIS Houston Annual Report to National AWIS; appoint or confirm persons to non-elected positions within the Chapter with approval of a simple majority of the Executive Board (e.g. committee chairs and representatives to other organizations); act as a liaison or appoint a member in good standing to serve as the Chapter’s liaison for AWIS Houston to National AWIS; receive and respond to communications from National AWIS (which appointed liaison will keep the President apprised of her/his communications with National AWIS); perform other duties incident to the office as required by the Constitution and Bylaws or by the Executive Board; and represent or designate a representative of AWIS Houston at national meetings when such attendance is authorized by the Executive Board.

Vice President

The Vice President shall assume primary responsibility for coordinating the program-related activities of the Chapter. Such activities include, but are not necessarily limited to, award ceremonies, panel discussions, educational activities, and networking events hosted or supported by the Chapter. While the Vice President or a Committee Chairperson/Member may first initiate the organizing of activities, the Vice President might take either a leading or supporting role in their execution. However, it remains the responsibility of the Vice President ultimately to oversee the success of all activities in that they achieve the goals of the Chapter and provide benefit for the Chapter members. In achieving these aims, this officer shall assist the Committee Chairpersons and their respective Committees when needed in coordinating events falling in the domains of fundraising, the Outstanding Women In Science Seminar Series, career development, community outreach (such as educational and service programs), and other special programs. The form of such assistance may vary depending on the specific event (e.g., size and type) and the needs of Committee(s) involved in its execution. The Vice President shall also be in charge of compiling the Annual Activity report that is due at the end of September each year, organizing networking events, if possible monthly, and ensuring their success by being creative and engaging with the community.


The Treasurer shall assume primary responsibility for conducting the financial business of AWIS Houston , including bank transactions, tax issues, and preparing financial statements annually, or at the request of the Executive Board. The Treasurer shall a) receive all Chapter dues, donations, and other income; keep these monies in an authorized and insured financial institution; and disburse all monies to be paid by AWIS Houston ; b) maintain the financial records of AWIS Houston , the Chapter’s non-profits status and ensure that insurance (if applicable) is updated annually; c) prepare and present a financial report bi-annually to the Executive Board, annually to National AWIS, and upon request to the membership and sponsors; d) oversee completion of appropriate federal and state tax documents in compliance with National AWIS; e) prepare annual budget by June of each year; f) provide reimbursements to Chapter members who incur approved expenses for Chapter business; g) collect mail from the AWIS Houston mailbox or designate a member in good standing to perform this task; and h) perform other duties incident to the position as required by the Constitution and Bylaws or by the Executive Board. The Treasurer will maintain responsibility and possession of the AWIS Houston debit card.


The Secretary shall assume primary responsibility for recording the activities of the Executive Board and the Chapter; prepare minutes of Executive Board meetings; and prepare other reports as requested by National AWIS. The Secretary shall keep and distribute minutes of the Executive Board meetings and Committee meetings and store them in the Chapter electronic database and maintain current and past Executive Board and Committee Chair Contact list on at least a quarterly basis.

Membership Chair

The Membership Chairperson shall assume primary responsibility for managing the list of members of AWIS Houston , sending membership confirmation email to newly joined members (within 3 business days of membership dues payment), providing current member contact information as needed; publishing a Chapter membership directory; providing to members on request a copy of Constitution and Bylaws of the Chapter; initiating activities aimed at recruiting new Chapter members; and providing information on the Chapter’s goals, activities, and membership to non-members upon request. The most current membership list (only to be edited by the Membership Chairperson) is to be kept at a location in a shared electronic database that can be accessed by all Executive Board members.

Public Relations Chair

The Public Relations Chairperson shall assume responsibility for maintaining the Chapter website (https://awishouston.com) and ensuring it is updated with Chapter events and other items as determined by the Executive Board. The Public Relations Committee Chairperson shall assume the primary responsibility of sending the AWIS Houston monthly calendar and event/activities-related emails (announcements and reminders) to the AWIS Houston membership listserv. The Public Relations Committee Chairperson is also responsible for promoting the Chapter and Chapter events on all social media accounts (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn), scheduling events on Eventbrite and posting content on a regular basis that is in line with the goals of the Chapter.