Green During COVID – Science Talk

AWIS-GCH Goes Green kicks off Going Green During COVID-19 series with a fascinating Science Talk on wastewater surveillance for COVID-19 detection by GT Molecular’s Dr. Rose Nash.

Event Date: Wednesday, November 4th
Event Time: 6:00 PM CT

Below is the abstract for Dr. Nash’s science talk.

“Tracking COVID-19 through the sewer: Development of a wastewater-based early pandemic warning system.”

Wastewater monitoring for COVID-19 and other pathogens is an efficient and highly scalable way to monitor populations for the prevalence of infections. It provides a rapid and direct ascertainment of the extent of infection throughout a population at risk, without the logistical barriers of conventional testing. GT Molecular was founded to develop new molecular detection technology for cancer research and harmful pathogen detection. The GT Molecular team has worked side-by-side with the Colorado Department of Public Health, Colorado State University, and over 20 wastewater treatment facilities around the state to develop a rapid and high performing analytical workflow that is currently being used in a statewide surveillance program. In this talk, we will highlight our participation in setting up the state of Colorado’s surveillance program, highlight the important intersection of molecular and environmental biology, and discuss the lessons learned along the way.

Zoom Link
Passcode: AWISGCH

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