We’re looking for feedback from our members

We’d love to hear from our members! Please fill out our Member Engagement survey (https://forms.gle/AWkhqXs1bkpmzwQm9) and/or our Virtual STEM Volunteering questionnaire (https://forms.gle/j3fPNFASkbKDVegz7).

Member Engagement Survey

Our AWIS-GCH Board would like to get your feedback! We are looking to gauge interest in event type, committee participation, and your thoughts on what we can do better. Please complete the attached survey to give us your feedback. We would greatly appreciate it!

Virtual Stem Volunteering

Our AWIS-GCH board would like to gauge member interest in doing virtual STEM volunteering with grade school students this 2020-2021 academic year. We have three pathways to make this STEM volunteering possible. Please complete the attached questionnaire, to indicate your interest in each of these three options. 

Option 1 – Video Lessons

You would help turn some of our lessons into videos that teachers could use in class, built from pre-assigned texts, or students could use at home.

Option 2 – Remote Classroom TA

You would join a class during the school day and assist a teacher on a weekly-ish basis with both technical and teaching duties.   

Option 3 – Science Fair Mentoring

You would work directly with a student or group of students, to advise them on a long-term science project that they would present on in the spring semester.

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