Unearthing Untold Stories of Women

Marie Benedict

Through a combination of research and storytelling, Marie Benedict is on a mission to unearth the untold stories of brilliant women like Mileva Einstein and Hedy Lamarr.

What lessons can you learn from these historical women in science and apply it to your career? Join AWIS on September 29th  at 2 PM CDT to find out!

This event is FREE for AWIS members. Use the promo code provided in AWIS Insider or contact membership@awis.org.


In an inspiring, live Q&A with Marie, we’ll discuss why she has chosen this mission, the books she has written, and the recurring hurdles that women in science and other fields continue to surmount:

  • gender discrimination
  • self-efficacy
  • career pivots
  • work-life integration
  • racial discrimination (a theme at the center of her upcoming June 2021 book release)

You can learn more about Marie’s books The Other Einstein and The Only Woman in the Room, however you do not need to have read her books to find this conversation valuable!

P.S. If you purchase the books from Marie’s local bookstore, Penguin Bookshop, indicate that you are from AWIS and you will receive an “Only Woman in the Room” totebag (while supplies last).

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