COVID-19 Webinar Series

Join as we we pair up with the American Society of Microbiology TMC on two events where we break down the current science on Covid-19 and where we go from here!

Event 1: COVID-19 101 – The Basics (May 2nd, 2pm CST)

This event will establish the basics of COVID-19 by professionals in the field. Panelists will discuss the biology of the virus, its epidemiology, the clinical picture, why public health measures are in place and debunk myths surrounding it. Ask your questions on COVID past and present here:

Event 2: The Path Forward (May 3rd, 2PM CST)

Here the discussion will focus on how the COVID pandemic will play out: what are the potential clinical treatments? How are vaccines being developed and how long will that take? How long will we have to do social distancing? What are the current unanswered questions of the disease, and when might we find out about them? Ask your questions on the future of COVID here:

Events will be livecast through Zoom ( and through Facebook Live Video



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