Walk with AWIS GCH at March for Science Houston

Walk with AWIS GCH at March For Science Houston

April 22th 2017, 11am-3pm Downtown

AWIS GCH is supporting the March for Science that will be held on Earth Day April 22nd, 2017!

The Houston March is a sister march to the March for Science in Washington D.C.
As an organization that advocates science, AWIS GCH has decided that we will not only participate in the organization of the Houston March but will also represent AWIS GCH as a group, our group 🙂

AWIS GCH will be walking as a group, come and march with us!  If you can’t walk, come and visit our booth at the March!

If you are planning on marching with us, please wear a navy blue or yellow shirt, and we will distribute buttons 

Please keep in mind that we want our participation to this event to be positive as we want to advocate science and the amazing accomplishments that are made every day due to public funding. Also, since this event is being held on Earth day, we want to make sure that the event is carried in an environmentally friendly manner (please use recyclable material for your signs, use public transportation if you can, don’t litter, be respectful of your surroundings and of the people marching with you,…).

Please go to the FB event page, RSVP and invite all you friends in the Houston area. This is a topic that affects everyone, not only scientists!

March for Science

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