AWISGCH Holiday Mixers

flyerAWIS GCH NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT THIS WEEK AT OKRA’s December Second Chance Contest!

Here’s how it works: all 32 organizations that did not win the monthly campaign for the first time at OKRA are eligible to participate the 2nd campaign in December. Every 4 days, half of the organizations will be eliminated based on vote tallys.

When you buy a drink or food at OKRA, you will be given a ticket to cast a vote for one of the organizations presented at OKRA in December. The winner will get one month proceeds from OKRA.

Come early, come often, and vote for AWIS! Every day’s tickets from drinks count towards totals.

We will be holding several networking Holiday Mixers throughout the month at OKRA. Come join us and vote for AWIS!

This will be a great event for seeking professional advice, career development opportunities, community outreach programs, or simply just relax and mingle.

Our AWIS GCH President Brittany and Board members will be there to answer any questions about AWIS and professional development as women. Hope to see you there!

These mixers are tentative. We need YOUR support to help AWIS make it through the month of December.

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