AWIS & Houston Food Bank

More than 66,000 people, including children in southeast Texas experience the pain of hunger every day. The Houston Food Bank feeds 800,000 hungry people each year by distributing food through nearly 600 hunger relief agencies in 18 southeast Texas counties. The Food Bank is committed to efficiently distributing donated and purchased food to serve • Church and community food pantries • Soup kitchens • Shelters for the homeless and abused • Meal sites for children and the elderly


Our mission: Leading the fight against hunger!

Our target: Kids, seniors and others who may not have enough to eat

Our job: Produce the equivalent of a meal, sort, process and pack food

The partnership between AWIS and the Houston Food Bank is a great opportunity for professional women in STEM fields to give back to the community by helping the food bank allocate their meals to those in need. As professional scientists, we know how important it is to eat healthy nutritious food to function properly on a daily basis. Let’s help the fight against HUNGER!
Please join us and volunteer if you can…and have a blast doing it! Every shift you volunteer makes a difference.

When: Twice a month on weekends
Where: Houston Food Bank, 535 Portwall St, Houston, TX 77029, Phone: (713) 223-3700

Click here for volunteer work description. If you are interested, fill out our form below.

Catie Edmunds Nurik, Community Outreach Chair, AWIS-GCH, Houston,
Toni A. Oplt, Corporate and Strategic Volunteer Coordinator, Houston Food Bank, 713-547-8663

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