Nominee Announcement for AWIS-GCH Officer Election 2015-2016

Please vote for your favorite, most eligible  board member! Electoral ballot coming soon!

The following are the officer nominees for the 2015-2016 election term:


Nominee- Brittany Parker Kerrigan

Brittany Parker
Brittany Parker

Postdoctoral Fellow

I have been honored and have thoroughly enjoyed serving as the AWIS-GCH President over the 2014-2015 year. If elected, I will further strive to increase our membership base in order to spread valuable information to all women and men who are joined in their efforts to further women in their pursuit of STEM fields. I will also continue to strive to develop programs with outside institutions in order to partner on events making them bigger and better than ever. I will put effort into generating camaraderie within the AWIS-GCH executive board, and help lift up our board members so that we all can learn and hone our leadership skills and potential. Finally, I will put my all into making sure that all AWIS-GCH members have access to the tools and information necessary to ensure our success and resilience in STEM careers.

Vice President of Membership

Nominee 1- Amanda Hermann

Amanda Herrmann

Graduate Student

The AWIS GCH chapter is nothing without its members. As membership chair for the year 2014-2015, my goal was to not only increase chapter membership but also streamline the membership process, both of which were successfully accomplished via the numerous membership drives and the online membership application instituted this year. If elected VP of membership for another term, I plan to continue fostering relationships and increasing chapter membership by reaching out to more schools, businesses, and the Houston community as a whole. I also want to work towards establishing institutional membership for all universities in the GCH area, so that all student members have the opportunity to become a national AWIS member free of charge. Thank you all for a successful year and let’s make the next one even better!

 Nominee 2 –Hila Roshanravan

Hila Roshanravan

Research Graduate Student

I am willing to recruit more members to this chapter. This helps the community to advance further by having more involved individuals who can help for fundraising and interactions with other communities.


Nominee- Kimberly Mankiewicz

Kimberly Mankiewicz

Technical Writer III

As a professional communicator, I try to make sure that all goals are clear and that everyone is on the same page. I will make sure all communications are organized and that ideas and goals are clearly communicated within the Executive Board and the membership. I am very passionate about uniting and promoting women in science, and clear communication is key to progressing in this mission.


Nominee- Ayesha Khan


PhD Candidate

I have been an AWIS board member for 2 years, serving as the Public Relations (& Newsletter) Committee chair. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with this amazing group of women and have learned so much! I have also successfully recruited 3 new members for my committee and published two newsletters. I feel now, it’s time for a change. I would like to apply for the position of AWISGCH Treasurer.

Working so closely with the board for two years, I feel that I have a very good idea of the responsibilities of each position. Managing event money is something that I have done before as an undergraduate, organizing departmental events. I would like to do this again now for AWISGCH and make sure we always have our funds up to date and available!

Public Relations Committee Chairperson

Nominee- Marife Arancillo

Marife Arancillo

Postdoctoral Associate

I have served as the Managing Editor of the AWIS-GCH Newsletter since 2013, and have been encouraged by how dedicated the Executive Committee has always been in running the organization. As Public Relations Committee Chairperson, my goal will be to use social media and traditional forms of communication to promote our activities and invite membership from all career levels in STEM. I will not only work on improving the quality and reach of our newsletter, but also use social media to connect with other organizations such as the Women’s Energy Network, BioHouston, and other organizations that focus on women’s interests.

Career Development Chairperson

 Nominee-1 Delphine Boulbes


Research Scientist

As the 2014-2015 Career Development Chairperson, with the help of the other committee members, I created opportunities for our community to interact with accomplished professionals, benefit from their experience, and expand their network. Because of the huge success of our Resume Workshop, I am planning on making this event annual. We will also create more workshops on interview process, salary negotiation, social media tools…

Nomiee-2 Le Huang

Graduate Research Assistant

As an election candidate for Career Development Chair of AWIS-GCH organization, I would like to provide and increase the opportunities and create a platform for women scientists and engineers to improve their career professionalism and help their career and personal advancement.

Firstly, I plan to organize a series of seminars/workshops on career opportunities/etiquettes shared by successful women scientists/engineers to provide experience, inspiration, encouragement and advices for the group. Secondly, I plan to organize networking events where women scientists/engineers meet other women scientists/engineers and potentially share resources in career development. Thirdly, I plan to establish a One Mentor to One Mentee Program, where women scientists/engineers can connect with their role model at a personal level and seek advices on a frequently needed basis, also this is an opportunity for the Mentor to expand network through the Mentee and build up a deep friendship.

I hope with the help and support from AWIS-GCH chapter we will truly help out the women scientists/engineers and provide great resources, opportunities and a community as a team to accomplish the mission of AWIS-GCH for 2015-2016. Let’s all lean in!


Community Outreach Chairperson

Nominee-1 Benu Atri

Benu Atri

Graduate Student

I come from a country where there are still a lot of barriers between women and education. I have seen first hand what lack of education can do to a person’s mindset and worldview. In my opinion, of all the things that improve the quality of life, science education is most important. Being a STEM graduate, if elected as a Community Outreach Chairperson, I would find and implement opportunities to connect fellow STEM students to the community. I would use my computational background to set up a virtual mentoring interface between interested STEM mentors and the community. Throughout the year, I plan to organize few events, e.g. networking mixers, and leadership skills seminars and open channels to voluntary tutoring opportunities. I’d also find a way to inform the community and young students about the importance of having a professional online social presence (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and blogging) and public speaking via Toastmasters.

Nominee-2 Triparna Sen


Postdoctoral Fellow

I was born and raised up in a small city in India and hence I have faced challenges like many women face trying to make a career in science. With the help of my mentors and family I went on get an undergraduate degree in Physiology, Masters in Genetics, PhD in Oncology and now pursuing a postdoctoral training in oncology at MD Anderson Cancer center.

All through this journey I have realized the importance of giving back to the community and helping others in their path to success. With this thought in mind, during my college and university days I have been a founder member of two charitable organizations. I feel the responsibility as the Community Outreach Chairperson of AWIS-GCH is directly aligned to my interest and experience. I am deeply impressed by the work AWIS-GCH has been doing and it shall an honor to be a part of their executive board.

Nominee- 3 Toluwani Soares

Rice Undergraduate

I find so much joy in my mentorship and tutoring opportunities with junior-high and high-school students at YES-Prep and local Houston schools. The encouragement and direction that I’ve been afforded in my academic and professional career has proven priceless; I’d like to dedicate my time to doing the same for other young people, my peers. My involvement (in leadership capacities) with engineering societies and cultural organizations on my college campus has both afforded me access to a wide range of contacts and provided me with the necessary communication and organizational skills needed to thrive in the position of Community Outreach Chairperson.

Outstanding Women In Science Seminar Series Chairperson

Nominee-1 Caitlin Nurik

catie headshot

Graduate Research Assistant

I am the current chair of this position and seek to be re-elected. My experience in this position as well as President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Fundraising chair in a seven-college political association speaks to my desire to serve and to lead. I am an active member of AWIS and active in the community service projects of my graduate community. I am a published biophysical chemist, and member of Sigma Xi and Phi Beta Kappa.
It would be my great pleasure to serve as the chairperson for the Outstanding Women in Science Seminar series as I believe events such as this draw in the precise community of female (and non-female) scientists who prioritize the advancement of women in science, and the advancement of science as a whole. Such events thus serve not only as awards to the highly deserving candidates chosen but as educational and networking opportunities for all those involved.

Nominee-2 Rose Reins

PhD Candidate

I would be very excited to contribute to the AWIS-GCH in this position and be able to coordinate seminars and recruit women speakers who are committed to the advancement of women’s leadership in STEM. I would be interested in contacting and networking with top women professionals in STEM and getting them involved in our chapter.

Nominee-3 Anisha Gupte

Research Scientist

With the clock of motherhood and tenure-track ticking at the same time, many women in the STEM field are finding it challenging to do it all and excel on all fronts. However, we have many outstanding women amongst us who have figured out how to manage this delicate balance, developed coping mechanisms and come out highly successful in their careers. If elected as the Chairperson of the ‘Outstanding Women in Science Seminar Series’, I will lead the organization of a very informational and inspiring seminar series that will help women learn from the personal success stories of some of the most outstanding female leaders.

Scholarship Chairperson

Nominee- Hima Vangapandu

Hima Vangapandu

Graduate Research Assistant

I advocate equal opportunities for women in science and want to help them overcome barriers in reaching their fullest potential. I served on the AWIS-GCH Board as the Secretary for year 2014-15. Along with keeping the minutes of the Board meetings, I also played an active role in the chapter’s community outreach activities and participated in the events. I also managed the membership responsibilities for a few months, along with the Treasurer.

This year, I want to continue to serve the board in the capacity of the Scholarship Chairperson. If I get elected, I will assume the primary responsibility to develop and set guidelines for awarding scholarships and also make recommendations to the Executive Board regarding the types of scholarships needed for the women in science and the recruitment of qualified persons into the scholarships review panel and building a committee toward the same.

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